Tetra pak recycling rate is greater than 50%

in reality it is less than 2%

Why we claim so? Because we bring you facts

Fact I

Tetra Pak hardly collects the waste. It just imports waste and shows recycling in India. The rag pickers and recyclers don’t pick Tetra Paks for recycling as it is commercially not possible to recycle Tetra Paks

The cost of recycled products from Tetra Pak waste is much lower as compared to waste Tetra Pak and recycling cost.

All the recycling centers in India are

directly and indirectly funded by Tetra Pak.

Fact II

Tetra Pak spends Rs.60 crore annually to mislead the govt. and people by way of advertisements that they are recyclable but in reality they cannot be recycled. All recycled products made by recycling tetra paks are funded by Tetra pak itself and they are done just to fool the public and the govt.

Tetra Cartons are an environmental hazard as almost all the Tetra Paks produced end up in


Fact III

The inner food contact layer and outer most layer are plastics. Out of 6 layers 4 layers are plastics. Tetra Pak Plastic Layers are less than  5 microns thick.

Cutting down of trees for paper and the sourcing of trees is not sustainable or regulated leading to


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Tetra Cartons are not sustainable – It is commercially not possible to recycle Tetra Paks as the layers in it cannot be separated.